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Solar panel accessories

Increase home comfort and convenience with a range of solar panel accessories to enhance your system.

Protect your solar PV system, maximise energy bill savings and live more sustainably.


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Solar Panel Accessories

Enhance your solar PV system

There is a range of additional money-saving solar panel accessories that can be installed alongside your PV system. Importantly, you can maximise your self-consumption and save even more money on your energy bills.

Voltage optimiser

Voltage optimisers reduce unnecessary voltage to your household appliances. This extends their operating life by reducing electric surges and further reduces your energy bills.

Immersion controller

A solar immersion controller connects wirelessly to your existing immersion heater and heats your hot water for free using the surplus energy that you usually export to the grid.

Bird protection

Solar panel bird protection prevents birds and rodents nesting under your panels. Bird protection will ensure wires are not chewed and bird mess on your solar panels will be more easily controlled.


The electric vehicle revolution

Now is the time to think electric for 2020! Electric vehicles allow us to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, with the added convenience of modern software and minimal running costs.

Solar PV with a solar battery is the ideal partner for your electric car. Set your car to automatically charge overnight, via your free solar energy or use a cheap off-peak tariff. 


Solar PV car ports

Solar powered car ports are becoming increasingly popular. Create a beautifully bespoke charging base for your electric car. We can design a purpose built thin film solar car port or add solar panels to an existing garage or outbuilding. Your PV system can be an off-grid stand alone car port or connected to power your home too.

View and manage your car and PV system online. Use current and historical data to estimate future power production levels and savings. 

Ask our team about solar-powered car ports!


Go further for less

Charging your electric car at a service station is costly and time-consuming. As an approximate guide, you can expect to pay double for electricity at a service station or public charge point, as opposed to charging at home. 

For example, according to an article by What Car?, you can expect to pay 15p per mile using a public charge point. However, a Fiesta 1.0 costs around 13p per mile using petrol, and a Polo 1.4 diesel costs 11p per mile using diesel. This defeats the idea that electric vehicles are more cost-effective than regular petrol or diesel cars! 

With a 4kWp solar PV system producing 4,528kWh over the year and your electric vehicle using 75% of this generation, you can enjoy savings of £509 over the year!*

Solar Panel Accessories

Solar battery storage

Rather than giving your solar energy back to the National Grid for free, you can store excess energy in a battery for evening use. 

Become more self-sufficient and enjoy further savings on your energy bills. When you need a top-up, set your battery to automatically charge overnight using a cheap time-of-use tariff and enjoy minimal costs to power your home. 


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